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ASUS ROG Thor 1200P2 Platinum II – 1200W, Aura Sync, ROG heatsink, OLED Display, 80 Plus Platinum Fully Modular

Giá: 9.590.000 VNĐ

ROG Thor 1200W Platinum II là nguồn yên tĩnh nhất trong tất cả các nguồn hiện tại

  • Lambda A++ Certification confirms the latest Thor wields menacing power in absolute stealth.
  • ROG heatsinks cover critical components, delivering lower temperatures and reduced noise.
  • A 135mm Axial-tech fan with PWM control delivers lower noise and keeps thermals in check.
  • Built with low-ESR capacitors and other premium components to achieve 80 Plus Platinum Certification.
  • OLED display monitors power draw in real time.
  • Aura Sync compatibility lets you customize and sync lighting effects with other compatible hardware.

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